Quilting Services

I offer a full range of quilting services from edge to edge all over design to custom work using hand and computer guided methods.

Take a look at my Instagram and Facebook Pages for examples of my recent work.

Batting and a large selection of stunning wide backs are available on site for purchase.

I use industry leading APQS long arm machines.  

I'm in the Tulsa area and would be more than happy to work with you to find a convenient pick up/drop off location.

Quilting Rates:

Range from .012 to .045 cents per square inch depending on the detail and spacing

Piecing backing fabric - $9/seam (serged and straight stitch to reinforce)

Binding attached with machine to front of quilt - $15 - 35+ depending on quilt size (binding will still need to hand stitched to back of quilt)

Binding completely finished -  $15-35+ to attached to front of quilt top plus .50/inch to hand sew binding to back of quilt (price does not include squaring up the quilt)

Iron quilt top (if needed) - $10

Squaring up quilt - $15

Look for quilting specials on my Instagram @birchlakedesigns and Facebook pages.


batting - approx. $8 - $16/yard 

backing fabric - approx. $10 -$23/yard

thread - $3 + depending on the detail of quilting


Gallery - to view my work please visit by Facebook or Instagram feeds.

...I love to quilt, I love to see different colors together, and I love to match things. -- Mary J. Blige